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Metal & Steel

Metal & Steel


Stainless Steel Angles

Stainless steel angles provide support for the walls, ceilings, floor, balconies, & other structures of the building, both internal and external.


Hot Rolled Strips & Sheets

These are used in welding and construction to make railroad tracks and i-beams. Available in different shapes and sizes.


Cold Rolled Strips/Sheets

These are applicable to projects where tolerances, surface condition, concentricity and straightness are the major factors.


Stainless Steel Pipes

Stainless steel pipes are versatile materials which are used in a large array of applications such as piping and tubing manufacturing.


Seamless Pipes

These are useful in different industry such as refineries and petrochemical plants, sugar plants, railways, automobile manufacturing plant, etc.


Carbon Steel Pipe

It is used in commercial mechanical systems. Its high strength, good ductility, and adaptability make it ideal for transporting liquid, gas & vapor.


Steel Plates

Steel Plates are used for structural and construction applications, pressure vessels, marine and offshore equipment and military applications.



Meshes are used to screen out insects, filtration, shield against radio frequency radiation, etc. Available in different sizes.


Nickel Alloys

They are used in electronics, specialist engineering, etc. they are used because of their corrosion resistance, high temperature strength & their special magnetic & thermal expansion properties.


Steel Bars

Steel bar/Reinforcement bar can be used in building projects to provide tensile strength to concrete. It is typically produced as a deformed round, either in straight lengths or in coil.


Dowel Bars

Dowel bars can be used in construction and rehabilitation projects. These are used to extend the service life of a pavement by improving load transfer and helping to prevent faulting at pavement joints


Steel Sheet Piles

Sheet piles are long structural sections that creates a continuous wall or support. Permanent sheet piles serve as permanent may be removed if required.

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