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GM Message

"If you take your foot off the pedal, you pave the way for your competitors to get in front." has always been my strategy in every plan that I make. Growing big is the biggest challenge that every company is facing in today’s world. Making the right choice and having passion for your business is what one must work towards and continue sustainability. Star European Trading LLC admires the challenging environment at the market place and have always welcomed the tough competition. Our aim is to be unique in everything we do and to be considered as a role model in the business industry. To achieve our vision, mission and strategies, we must gather all the facts, do the right research and analyze accurate reports. We must look at our business as a whole and not to focus on its part. We truly believe that in the future this will be the only core factor for any successful business.

Our diversified earnings mix and strong management capabilities have enabled us to deliver year-on-year growth and sustained profitability. We continue to increasingly work together as a team, by cooperating intensively across the group, sharing ideas and expertise far more broadly and looking for opportunities to leverage our established strengths in new ways. Being a local entrepreneur myself, I would welcome all UAE Locals to be part of Star European Trading LLC and work with us, gain experience, accept challenges and develop themselves as the future successful Entrepreneurs of the UAE.

Mr. Riaz Ahmed
GM, Star European Trading

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